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thrivelife is a human development agency specialising in igniting your individual, team, organisation or business’s capacity to thrive. thrivelife offers programmes and coaching designed to equip people with the skills to be more agile, more resilient, more creative and more capably able to cope with today’s complex and rapid pace of change.

Our Process

thrivelife helps businesses and individuals to:

Achieve goals, improve efficacy.
Harness the untapped intelligence within your organisation.
Powerfully activate your capacity to skilfully navigate complexity.

Immersive learning…

Engage and experience. No stuffy lectures!

Learn practical skills…

That can be integrated into your way of being, living and working.

Ignite insight…

For growth, development, learning, adaptability.

Grounded in science…

No pop-psychology or fluffy ideas. Informed by robust scientific research.

Our Services

Our suite of workshops, training programmes, bespoke facilitation and coaching caters for businesses, individuals teams and organisations…

Businesses – Organisations -Teams

Team Agile

Learn essential organisational tools and practices for increased organizational agility and effectiveness.

Transforming Meetings

Learn simple skills and practices to make every meeting an opportunity to harness untapped organisational intelligence for quality decision making.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Employees

Develop your employee’s capacity for wellbeing, resilience, self-awareness and their ability to work more skilfully with life’s stressors.

Executive Coaching

Improve organisational efficiency by developing your employee’s and executive’s performance, agency and self-awareness.

Bespoke Facilitation

Facilitation for strategic planning


Leading for Change

Essential tools and skills for agile, resilient and change-able leaders.
Boost your capacity for skilfully adaptive and creative leadership in complex times.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives

Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs. Learn to work more skilfully with life’s stressors. Develop your capacity for wellbeing, resilience and self-awareness.

Thrive Youth

Social-emotional wellbeing training for youth. Essential social, emotional and ethical leadership skills training for youth of all ages.


Identify limiting beliefs and behaviours that are keeping you trapped. Free your potential to thrive professionally and personally.

Social Program

thrivelife’s ‘Leading for Change’ social program offers a dynamic shared leadership learning journey for business leaders, political activists and leaders, school principals, and NPO leaders.

Key players come together for a shared leadership and coaching journey where individual leaders simultaneously advance the calibre of their own leadership, benefit from the diverse contexts of fellow participants, at the same time broadening and deepening professional networks to spark the natural opportunities that result in an upward spiral of positive change.


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